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Biobased Performance Materials congress on strategy and research Wageningen Juni 16th, 2016

Source: BPM Newsletter

Join us in Wageningen, the Netherlands on Thursday 16 June 2016 at our 5th BPM symposium. This edition focuses on R&D on biobased materials in times of volatile oil prices and the Paris climate treaty (COP21) goals. Key industry players such as ADM, Sabic, Sulzer and Croda will present their R&D strategies, complemented with an attractive reflection on these strategies by the leading Dutch research community. Registration for this event is now open.

In the Biobased Performance Materials (BPM) research programme, companies and knowledge institutes from across the value chain are working together in developing high-quality materials based on biomass; materials that are being increasingly applied in practice. The research focuses on two types of materials: polymers produced by plants, and polymers from biobased building blocks produced via biotechnology or chemical catalysis. The BPM programme is partly financed by the Dutch Top Sector Chemistry and is led by Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research.

09:00 Start Registration in Conference Centre ‘Hof van Wageningen’

09:30 Welcome and opening of the symposium
- Jan Noordegraaf, Synbra Technology (NL), chairman of the symposium
- Bert Jan Lommerts, Latexfalt (NL) and Dutch ‘Top Sector Chemistry’, (tbc)
- Christiaan Bolck, director BPM programme,

10:00 Keynote address: Erik Hagberg, Archer Daniels Midland Company (USA)

11:00 Session 1: Converting & Processing
- Ulla Trommsdorff, Sulzer (CH)
- Hans Massop, Natuurmonumenten (NL)
- Hans Mertens, Sabic (KSA/NL)

13:30 Session 2: Biobased chemicals become polymer materials
- a representative of DuPont (USA) (tbc)
- Wouter Jan van den Berg, Icopal (NL)
- Jan Wessels, Van Wijhe Paints (NL)
- Hans Ridderikhof, Croda (UK/NL)

16:00 Reflection in interactive panel discussion with Dutch R&D organisations
Moderator: Jan Noordegraaf, Synbra Technology (NL)
- Yvonne van der Meer, Maastricht University
- Jan Harm Urbanus, TNO
- Jan Jager, Stenden University of applied sciences
- Jacco van Haveren, Wageningen UR

16:30 Closing remarks, followed by networking drinks

We hope to welcome you in Wageningen on June 16th. Register now or contact us if you have any further questions related to the programme, location or accommodation.

More information HERE.

Kind regards, on behalf of the organising team,

Christiaan Bolck
Director of the BPM research programme

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