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Finding new business partners for research in automotive, transport and logistics, December 16th, 2016

Source: Enterprise Europe Network

Find some of the latest profiles on Enterprise Europe Network for partner search, new business at your doorstep published Februai 16, 2016.

Within the Enterprise Europe network other specialized fields are available for partner search such as automotive, smart electricity, sustainable construction. Make your own query for partner searches based on your interest at this database and find new business at your doorstep. Enterprise Europe Network, with its 600 partner organizations in over 70 countries, helps companies find business opportunities across the European Union and beyond.

Some advantages are:
  • Easy access to new technologies
  • Less risk in developing new products or technologies
  • Improve speed of development, time to market
  • Shared co development on your expertise combined with other expertise's external
  • Finding relevant new contacts using the network and get introduced to it
  • Get a warm introduction on the right level using personal contacts from the Enterprise Europe Network consultants

For a full description of the proposals below, please click on the title. You will be directed to our website. Here you indicate your interest at the bottom of the full description.

Suite of mobile app solutions for mobile workforce tracking and fleet management.
Technology Offer from United Kingdom
A UK innovation company that has developed a suite of mobile app solutions to manage a mobile workforce, seeks to partner with overseas companies that can market and sell the software to their existing client base and provide operational support via license or joint venture agreements.
Expires in 1 month

Visible Light Communications System for the Access to Information Contained In Motor Vehicles
Technology Offer from Spain
A Spanish company with solid background in Visible Light Communications Technology (VLC) has developed a system for accessing and managing information available in motor vehicles, being able to employ said information, for performing diagnostic tasks with which to update maintenance reports and detect possible breakdowns or malfunctioning in motor vehicles. The company seeks license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Expires in 1 month

Development of high level control system for Industry 4.0
Technology Request from Netherlands
A Dutch company developed a high level control system that is able to connect people, products and machinery in such a smart way that the cost of ownership of a product is reduced to a minimum, but moreover that development lead times are reduced substantially. The company is looking for partners with expertise in this field to develop new ICT software applications with the focus on Industry 4.0. The Dutch company offers a technical cooperation agreement or joint-venture agreement.
Expires in 1 month

Portuguese technology provider for transport sector is looking for partners for services and research cooperation agreements
Technology Offer from Portugal
Portuguese SME specialized in research and development for the transport industry, incorporating artificial intelligence, is offering services agreement and is also looking for partners interested in research cooperation agreements.
Expires in 3 months

Manufacturing of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters
Technology Offer from Greece
A Greek technological SME has developed a technology for the manufacturing and regeneration of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters for all vehicle designs and models. The main advantage offered by the proposed technology is the regeneration of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. The company seeks automotive manufacturers, R&D performers, auto retailers for catalyst recycling for technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Expires in 7 months

An Italian company developed a new safe and accurate indoor localization system.
Technology Offer from Italy
An Italian medium sized company operating in industrial automation systems developed an innovative, safe and smart indoor localization system. It allows to know the position of people or objects with a few centimeters precision and high accuracy, using the ultrasound technology. Based on an algorithm which enables to obtain a distinct signal, they are interested in technical and research cooperation agreements for further development. Central European countries and Russia are the main targets.
Expires in 11 months

Italian innovative company seeks partners for technical cooperation in Europe for further development of drones/mini helicopters usable in a wide...
Technology Request from Italy
Italian company builds autonomous, internal combustion engine, single-rotor drone that can be adapted to use in several sector, such as industrial inspection and maintenance of platforms, maintenance and inspection of agricultural fields, monitoring of critical infrastructures and inaccessible areas. The Italian company is looking for European partners able to collaborate for the further development and equipment of this products, in order to develop ready to use drones for specific sectors.
Expires this month

Device for bonding rope seals on the covers of galvanized steel
Technology Request from Poland
A Polish SME from the Warmia and Mazury region specialising in filter production is looking for a device for bonding rope seals on the covers of galvanized steel. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance in order to improve the production process. They are seeking a manufacturer of bonding devices, specialized in filters, cutting and bonding machines.
Expires in 1 month

New type of lead acid battery
Technology Request from Romania
A group of Romanian companies is involved in designing and research of new type of grid and new composite materials for the lead acid battery. The group is looking for manufacturers of batteries, able to reduce as much as possible the weight of the entire lead acid battery and to conclude a manufacturing agreement.
Expires in 1 month

H2020: looking for partners from and related to the retail sector, incl IT, logistics, user behaviour, also associations and local authorities
Research & Development Request from France
A large French company in the postal services sector is actively looking for partners for CIRC-01-2016-2017. They aim to set up a virtuous and sustainable ecosystem dedicated to the circular economy including manufacturers, retailers and logistics to orchestrate the rental of occasionally used objects. Partners, who would touch upon the aforementioned areas, incl from the IT and digital ID, design, user behaviour etc sector, are sought.
Expires in 1 month

Multiphase screw compression unit for natural gas condensate production wells and condensate separation and storage skids technology
Technology Request from Rumania
A Romanian company is seeking an adequate solution to be implemented for natural gas extraction wells in order to separate and condensate from the multiphase fluid and store it, and to flow the natural gas in gas pipes in a traditional way. Technical cooperation agreement is considered and collaboration to develop together the optimal solution. The company is specialised in automation and electrical engineering including explosive environments.
Expires in 1 month

SMEInst-10-2016-2017: City councils of large cities and research institutions are sought to study urban mobility and transport solutions
Research & Development Request from Spain
A Spanish company expert in transport and urban mobility is looking for partners to collaborate in the project “Urban and transport solutions (UMTRANS)” which will be submitted to the call SMEInst-10-2016-2017. Partners from city councils of large cities (>500000 habitants) that have a modern transport infrastructure (Oslo, Copenhagen, London, etc) as well as universities and research centres experts on the field are sought.
Expires in 1 month

H2020: Looking for collaboration with large enterprises acting as end-users of a new industrial manufacturing process for a project proposal under...
Research & Development Request from Greece
A Greek-led consortium has developed a scalable manufacturing process suitable for mass production, requiring minimal changes to existing plants. The consortium is looking for collaborations with large enterprises for a proposal submission under H2020-FOF-06-2017 topic, aimed at surface-modifying methods that improve performance without altering the chemical composition of the surface and can be easily integrated into mass production lines in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way.
Expires in 1 month

Development of fiber samples with specific thermal properties for application in 3D-fibre formed parts for acoustic and thermal insulation
Technology Request from Germany
A German SME has developed a new technology for production of 3D-fibre formed parts for acoustic and thermal insulation that can be applied e.g. in the automotive, construction or medical sector. The technology allows production from a large range of different materials and the SME is looking for new fibres for their products/applications that have suitable thermal properties. The SME searches companies for a technical or research co-operation and in a second step for a manufacturing agreement.
Expires in 1 month

Help needed?
If you require help or consultancy on how to get in contact with these requests for co operation and development, please feel free to mail me and I will assist in getting the contact established. Also you can contact your local support office that can assist you in using The Network for your business growth. Find your local support office HERE.
As Enterprise Europe Network is funded by the European Commission, service is free of charge.

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