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13 International co operation profiles on PROTECTING MAN & ENVIRONMENT from Enterprise Europe Network from June 8th, 2018

Source: Enterprise Europe Network

Find some of the latest profiles on Enterprise Europe Network for partner search, new business at your doorstep published June 8th, 2018.

Within the Enterprise Europe network other specialized fields are available for partner search such as automotive, industry and biochemtech. Make your own query for partner searches based on your interest at this database and find new business at your doorstep. Enterprise Europe Network, with its 600 partner organizations in over 60 countries, helps companies find business opportunities across the European Union and beyond.

Some advantages are:
  • Easy access to new technologies
  • Less risk in developing new products or technologies
  • Improve speed of development, time to market
  • Shared co development on your expertise combined with other expertise's external
  • Finding relevant new contacts using the network and get introduced to it
  • Get a warm introduction on the right level using personal contacts from the Enterprise Europe Network consultants
For a full description of the proposals below, please click on the title. You will be directed to our website. Here you indicate your interest at the bottom of the full description.

Our upcomming matchmaking events:
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Business : A German SME is looking for distribution partners for its new green system for the treatment of oils and dewatering of sludge
Business OFFER from Germany
A German SME, with a main activity in the treatment of sludge oils, used oils, oil/water-emulsions and oily water has developed a new green system for treatment of oils and a system for the dewatering of sludge. The system is in particular of importance for heavy oils and waste disposal systems. In order to expand its business, the company is now looking for distribution partners in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands or Poland.

Technology : Italian insects farming using renewable energy for chemical, agro, pharma and pet care applications
Technology OFFER from Italy
An Italian innovative startup, active in the biotechnology sector, is breeding insects into a pilot plant to create a production network which could satisfy economic, environmental and social needs with a high sustainability. The system will produce, via extraction from insects, molecules which will be used in the agriculture, chemical and industrial sector. The startup is looking for investments in the form of joint venture or financial agreement.

Technology : Filter based back-flushable dust collector for hazardous dust, for licensing or patent acquisition.
Technology OFFER from Sweden
A Swedish cleantech SME has developed a safe and highly efficient, filter based, back-flushable dust collector for hazardous dust, for example asbestos and silica dust. The device is divided into one fixed clean part and one dismountable contaminated part, which can be changed without the risk for environmental exposure. The SME seeks industrial sector partners for the acquisition of the patent via commercial agreement with technical assistance, or use of the patent via license agreements.

Business : German SME has developed technical beehive for bee monitoring and seeks distribution partners
Business OFFER from Germany
A German start-up company from Baden-Wurttemberg has developed a monitoring system to identify reasons for increasing bee mortality. The system is based on a technical beehive equipped with a scale, a solar roof for independent energy supply and a tec-frame with sensors, which collect data of 32 different gases incl. toxic gases, humidity inside the hive, outside and inside temperature and sound. GPS is also installed against theft. The SME is looking for a distribution agreement.

Business : Spanish company offering equipment for the mechanical treatment of wastewater is looking for distributors and agents.
Business OFFER from Spain
Spanish company based in Barcelona offers state-of-the-art equipment for the mechanical treatment of wastewater, municipal and industrial water. The mechanical equipment is suitable for all sorts of wastewater treatment plants, water resource recovery facilities and sewage treatment plants. The company is searching partners for commercial agency and distribution agreements

Business : Polynesian company specialized in the collect and transportation of dangerous waste is searching for partners providing materials, equipments and treatment solutions in Europe
Business REQUEST from France
The company, based in Tahiti, is specialized in the waste recovery, recycling of industrial waste and the environmental protection. The company looks for partners and suppliers, specialists in equipment and in solutions for treatment industrial losses. The company favors the type of cooperation based on "the agreement on the services" and "outsourcing agreement". It targets European countries.

Business : An Israeli air-conditioning and heat pump manufacturer has developed a unique condensing unit for air-conditioning systems and is seeking for commercial agency agreement and/or business partnership
Business OFFER from Israel
An Israeli company specializing in the field of HVACR (heating ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) has developed an innovative condensing unit for air conditioning systems. Advantages include installation inside the building, energy efficiency for power consumption saving, using ducts with minimal noise disturbances etc. The targeted partners are both industry and business bodies. The company is looking for commercial agency, distribution services and joint venture agreement.

Business : French SME laying soft cast floor mats looking for supplier of rubber granulates
Business REQUEST from France
A French SME designing and manufacturing outdoor children and sports playgrounds made of soft cast floor mats using ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) granulates is looking for new suppliers of such granulates with full guarantee on their low environmental impact. It is interested by an outsourcing agreement

Technology : Method and device for adsorptive catalytic cleaning of contaminated gas streams
Technology OFFER from Germany
A German environmental research centre developed a method and device for efficient cleaning of contaminated gas (namely air) streams. The approach is based on linking several sub-steps in a way that contaminated gas flows can be cleaned continuously with minimum energy consumption and with high flexibility. The centre is looking for partners for technical cooperation agreements and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Technology : Process and apparatus for selective dielectrically heating a particulate bed using elongate electrodes
Technology OFFER from Germany
A German environmental research centre developed a process and apparatus for selective dielectrically heating a particulate bed using elongate electrodes. The invention supports the warming up of soil beds and materials with the help of rod-shaped electrodes. The research centre is looking for partners in the field of remediation practice for validation, optimisation and adaption for to specific needs under technical cooperation agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Research & Development : ICT and Sensor Technologies for Preservation of Environment Project proposal under EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation Call ICT engineering companies/municipalities/environmental institutions/NGO partners needed
Research & Development REQUEST from Bulgaria
A Bulgarian university is looking for partners to participate in the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation Call 2018-01. The project will focus on the use of ICT for monitoring and environmental mapping and on the improvement of social dialogue on environmental matters. Partners from the Balkan countries are needed to complement the project consortium – preferably ICT engineering companies, municipalities, environmental institutions or NGOs.

Research & Development : Horizon 2020/ MSCA: Researcher in optoelectronics /photonic sought
Research & Development REQUEST from Germany
A German precision engineering company is looking for a researcher in optoelectronics/ photonic with technical skills for the development of remote sensing devices to detect the speed of particles and objects based on the companies patented core technology. The aim is to commonly apply for a MSCA Individual Fellowship grant under Horizon 2020 (MSCA-IF-2018).

Technology : Industrial production of magnetite micro- and nanoparticles : a magnetic iron oxide for a large range of applications
Technology OFFER from France
A French start-up specialized in recycling ferrous byproducts has designed a new process for the industrial production of magnetite. By producing it through the recycling of ferrous wastes, they enable a high volume and low cost production of those materials and unblocks the development of new applications such as wastewater treatment or soil remediation. Partnership can be considered via commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation or joint venture agreement.

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