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22 International co operation profiles on INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING, MATERIAL AND TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGIES from Enterprise Europe Network from June 8th, 2018

Source: Enterprise Europe Network

Find some of the latest profiles on Enterprise Europe Network for partner search, new business at your doorstep published June 8th, 2018.

Within the Enterprise Europe network other specialized fields are available for partner search such as automotive, industry and biochemtech. Make your own query for partner searches based on your interest at this database and find new business at your doorstep. Enterprise Europe Network, with its 600 partner organizations in over 60 countries, helps companies find business opportunities across the European Union and beyond.

Some advantages are:

  • Easy access to new technologies
  • Less risk in developing new products or technologies
  • Improve speed of development, time to market
  • Shared co development on your expertise combined with other expertise's external
  • Finding relevant new contacts using the network and get introduced to it
  • Get a warm introduction on the right level using personal contacts from the Enterprise Europe Network consultants
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Technology : Carbon fiber and composite material for food and beverage contact
Technology OFFER from Italy
An Italian designer of composite materials products has developed a technology which allows the use of composite fibres like carbon for any type of food and beverage contact applications and devices, obtaining the advantages for strength and lightness, but also for the aesthetical, mechanic, thermal and electrical behaviour. Companies are sought for technical or commercial cooperation with technical assistance as well as licensing agreement to use this technology in further product applications.

Business : French spare parts company (DEUTZ, SAME, LAMBORGHINI) is looking for distributors or agents in Europe and beyond
Business OFFER from France
A French company is specialized in the trading of original and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) spare parts from the SAME, DEUTZ-FAHR, LAMBORGHINI and HURLIMANN brands. The company provide parts for new and old tractors, combine harvesters, construction machines and pleasure boats. The medium sized enterprise is searching for partners for their products abroad in the frame of distribution service agreement or commercial agency agreement for selling work.

Business : A leading Israeli importer & distributor of original and replacement exterior body parts for all types of cars, trucks and buses is looking for exporters (dealers) of these parts to cooperate under distribution services agreement
Business REQUEST from Israel
An Israeli company specializes in importing original and replacement exterior body parts for cars, trucks and buses of all types, with following distributing the parts around Israel. The company is looking for exporters/dealers of the according body parts. The expected partners are supposed to supply the offered exterior body parts; preferred are the partners who can issue the euro-1 certificate. The company is looking for distribution services agreement.

Research & Development : H2020 Call Security - Enhance urban train stations & users security with innovative solutions (pre-commercial procurement scheme). End users and buyers are requested.
Research & Development REQUEST from France
A French regional government is leading a project proposal on H2020 Security topic with a joint pre-commercial procurement (PCP) scheme. The project aims to enhance urban train stations security with innovative solutions. The region is working with the French national railway company and they are looking for buyers and end-user organisations from 3 EU countries active in the passenger railways sector and interested in co-financing R&D projects addressing the security challenges.

Business : Ukrainian corporation manufacturing varnishes and paints is seeking for partners to promote its products on the international market under the distribution agreement.
Business OFFER from Ukraine
A large Ukrainian corporation located in the central region of Ukraine is seeking for partners to promote and arrange the sale of its products on the international market under the distribution agreement.

Research & Development : H2020-MSCA-IF-2018: Researcher needed for the development of disruptive solutions in the integration of building services and energy systems in architecture and urbanism
Research & Development REQUEST from Spain
A research group of a university located in the North of Spain seeks a researcher to be candidate for HORIZON 2020 – MSCA / Individual Fellowships (H2020-MSCA-IF-2018). They are looking for a motivated candidate who wishes to develop alternative and/or disruptive solutions in the integration of building services and energy systems in architecture and urbanism (theoretical and/or practical developments).

Technology : License for a force lever system for precise measurement of torques under multi-component loads
Technology OFFER from Germany
A German research institute has developed a system for precise measurement of torques under multi-component loads. The traceable measurement of torques greater than 2MN·m is of enormous importance (e.g. the wind energy industry). The invention enables feedback by splitting the torque into several force signals, measured over a defined lever length and an exact method with a measurement uncertainty of at most 1%. The institute looks for licensees and partners for research cooperations.

Business : Searching for agents and distributors of electroless nickel plating performed via only one component
Business OFFER from Israel
An Israeli SME, which specialises in metal surface treatment and plating chemicals, has developed a new technology to perform electroless nickel plating with only one component. Advantages over current technologies include unusual cost effective aspects as low & trouble-free maintenance of the method, economizing materials & time used. Looking for commercial agency, distribution services & joint venture agreement.

Business : Israeli company specializing in development, manufacturing and installation of security doors with innovative keyless locks with RFID and fingerprint recognition capabilities is looking for distributors and professional end users
Business OFFER from Israel
The Israeli company specializes in development, production and installation of indoor and outdoor metal security doors in various designs equipped with keyless locks with keypads, fingerprint recognition, RFID, wireless, internet connection and remote control functionality. Also offering public lockers equipped with same innovative locks. Looking to sign distribution agreements with distributors, installers and maintainers, as well as subcontracting agreements with professional end-users.

Business : Romanian company, specialized in locomotive repairing and maintenance, offers to convert diesel-hydraulic locomotives into electric or hybrid locomotives through services agreement
Business OFFER from Romania
A Romanian company, specialized in providing maintenance services for locomotives, is seeking services agreements for the innovative conversion of standard diesel-hydraulic into hybrid diesel-electric locomotives, to be used inside factories or ports. The usage of the hybrid locomotive reduces costs with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, offering increased lifetime usage.

Business : Dutch software platform developer for courier delivery service is offering its technology for a franchise agency or a joint venture agreement within Europe
Business OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch company active in parcel express delivery has developed a software platform where companies and private couriers can perform delivery services based on their location and availability, using different types of transports. Delivery service by local available couriers using smart phone technology with tracking and tracing including quality and safety assurance features. The company is interested in strategic co-operation with a franchise agency agreement or a joint venture agreement.

Business : A Polish company specialized in manufacturing of high class diagnostic lanes for testing vehicles is looking for distributors and agents.
Business OFFER from Poland
A Polish company, specialized in advance vehicle test lanes (roller brake testers, suspension testers, play detectors and side slip testers), is seeking partners for cooperation under a commercial agency agreement and / or distribution service agreement.

Technology : A Turkish SME specialized in detecting materials on an airport taxiways offers their technology for commercial agreements
Technology OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish SME is specialized in pattern recognition, image segmentation, robot vision, and deep learning and has substantial experience in detecting Foreign Object Debris (FOD) material that should not be found on an airport taxiways. The company is now looking for company partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance for further implementation and technical cooperation agreement.

Business : An Austrian SME developed a new method for interior thermal insulation of old buildings - distributors and investors sought
Business OFFER from Austria
An Austrian company active in the area of thermal energy efficiency since 25 years, has developed an innovative method for the inside thermal restoration of old buildings. In order to reach new markets, the company would like to establish distribution services and acquisition agreements. A financial agreement is also considered.

Business : An Israeli air-conditioning and heat pump manufacturer has developed a unique condensing unit for air-conditioning systems and is seeking for commercial agency agreement and/or business partnership
Business OFFER from Israel
An Israeli company specializing in the field of HVACR (heating ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) has developed an innovative condensing unit for air conditioning systems. Advantages include installation inside the building, energy efficiency for power consumption saving, using ducts with minimal noise disturbances etc. The targeted partners are both industry and business bodies. The company is looking for commercial agency, distribution services and joint venture agreement.

Business : French SME laying soft cast floor mats looking for supplier of rubber granulates
Business REQUEST from France
A French SME designing and manufacturing outdoor children and sports playgrounds made of soft cast floor mats using ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) granulates is looking for new suppliers of such granulates with full guarantee on their low environmental impact. It is interested by an outsourcing agreement

Technology : A UK company developing autonomous mobile robots for intra-logistics transport is seeking technology partners to develop key technological capabilities and validate its product over a larger pool of user-cases
Technology OFFER from United Kingdom
The company is a UK based SME developing autonomous mobile robots for intra-logistics material transport. It is developing self-driving material transport vehicles that can be incorporated into companies' warehouses effortlessly. The company is currently engaged in on-site validation trials and is seeking collaborative European partners to develop key technological capabilities and validate the system over a larger pool of user-cases, under a technical cooperation agreement.

Technology : Urban mobility sharing system based on a for that purpose designed electric vehicle
Technology OFFER from Switzerland
A Swiss spin-off offers an emission-free, sustainable mobility sharing system based on a specifically developed vehicle: three-wheel, electric with a roof, made of sustainable material. In its function, comfort and investment costs it is positioned between the car and the (e-)bike and developed for the first and last mile. The company is looking for partnerships with cities, public transport and sharing fleet providers as commercial agreement in form of feedback to the offered mobility solution.

Technology : Omnidirectional marine anchor offered for licence
Technology OFFER from United Kingdom
An innovative and cost-effective anchoring solution has been developed for the marine sector by a UK-based SME. The novel omnidirectional underwater anchor offers efficient self-burial on hard and soft sand and mud for marine craft. A partner, preferably with a marine background, is sought to launch the product on to the market through a licence agreement, a financial agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Business : French company specialised in all-in-one solar roof modules, producing energy, hot/cold air and hot water is looking for distributors in Europe
Business OFFER from France
A French company has developed new BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) roofing modules allowing to produce at the same time electricity, warm water, warm/cold air while ensuring a perfect waterproofness of the roof. To expand its activities, the company is looking for distributors in Europe specialised in domestic household renewable energy systems or roofing materials.

Technology : Ukrainian company, producer of cooling towers and cooling towers components, is looking for dealers/agents, end customer or engineering companies
Technology OFFER from Ukraine
A Ukrainian company is able to offer a wide range of packaged-type or field erected mechanical draft cooling tower with a capacity up to 10 000 m³/h as well as custom designed cooling tower in order to provide customer with the best engineering solution. Looking for: end customer (towers, components and equipment purchase, operation, maintenance); dealer or agent (negotiation, products promoting and sale in the local market); engineering company (products-in-project integration).

Technology : Industrial production of magnetite micro- and nanoparticles : a magnetic iron oxide for a large range of applications
Technology OFFER from France
A French start-up specialized in recycling ferrous byproducts has designed a new process for the industrial production of magnetite. By producing it through the recycling of ferrous wastes, they enable a high volume and low cost production of those materials and unblocks the development of new applications such as wastewater treatment or soil remediation. Partnership can be considered via commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation or joint venture agreement.

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