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International co operation profiles from Enterprise Europe Network fromfirst half November 2013

Find some of the latest profiles on Enterprise Europe Network for partnersearch, new business at your doorstep published second half of October 2013.
Enterprise Europe Network, with its 600 partner organisations in over 50 countries, helps companies find business opportunities across the European Union and beyond.
Find more than 10,000 profiles of companies offering and requesting co operation in technology or business.

Some advantages are:
- Easy access to new technologies
- Less risk in developing new products or technologies
- Improve speed of development, time to market
- Shared co development on your expertise combined with other expertises external
- Finding relevant new contacts using the network and get introduced to it
- Get a warm introduction on the right level using personal contacts from the Enterprise Europe Network consultants
- Combine fair visit with matchmaking organised by Enterprise Europe Network to find your new business partners

For a full description of the proposals below, please click on the title. You will be directed to our website. Here you indicate your interest at the bottom of the full description

Smart grids applied to the multiple applications: Communications and sensor networks
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research group develops and implements smart grids for multiple applications such as heterogeneous wireless sensor networks capable of responding to the needs of communication, sensing and distributed intelligence in a flexible, autonomous, robust and efficient way. The research group is looking for companies acquiring this technology for its exploitation or joining further development

Specialised Mechanical Design, Analysis and Consultancy
Business OFFER from Italy
An Italian SME offers specialised mechanical design expertise for devices and systems to be used in extreme temperature, pressure, vibration and other stress conditions. Its expert engineering staff can perform analysis and consultation in design and material selection to improve performance and reduce failure risk for aeronautics, satellite, defence, automotive and other critical systems. The company’s design and analysis expertise is offered to partners through a subcontracting agreement.

Self-aspirating Water Aerator
Technology OFFER from Slovenia
A small company from Slovenia has developed a new generation of self aspirating water aerator. Operation of the turbine is based on the principle of precession applied to the rotation of fluid. Company is looking for partners: fisheries, wastewater treatment plants, travel agencies for implementation and marketing the device. Collaboration on technical cooperation, commercial agency agreement with technical assistance or manufacturing agreement is sought.

Microcapsulation of active compounds
Technology REQUEST from United Kingdom
This London manufacturer of high level biocidal cleaners and disinfectants wants to develop encapsulation technology for their compounds. The company is looking for partners who are interested in joint development of products and applications for the Health, Agricultrual and food chain sectors.

Technologies for compressed air production from renewable energy sources
Technology REQUEST from France
A French company with core activities in energy production and waste treatment is looking for innovative technologies/solutions for compressed air production. The goal is to manage to produce compressed air from a renewable energy source. Renewable energies like hydro-power, tidal, wind or solar ones are of interest. Partners (industries/universities) with proven expertise and/or proven results on this field are sought to work through a technical cooperation agreement and/or licensing agreement

Competence in drive technology - distributor sought
Business OFFER from Germany
A German SME, a well established manufacturer of mechanical, electrical and electronical drive technology, e.g. geared motors, electronical motor starters and frequency converters, for the automation industry is looking for trade partners in Europe. The company is looking for distribution partners in the mentioned target markets.

Method of installing large subsea structures without a heavy lift vessel (HLV)
Technology OFFER from United Kingdom
A Scottish company has developed a method of installing large subsea structures without a heavy lift vessel (HLV). With potential cost savings of 60-80%, the method also allows the installation of larger structures, in deeper water, and more environmentally hostile locations than is possible with current vessels. The company are seeking partners such as offshore operators/installers for technical cooperation e.g. testing, JV, license, acquisition etc.

Design and construction of clean rooms
Business OFFER from Slovenia
A Slovenian SME specialized in design and construction of clean rooms is looking for producers of clean rooms and would like to act as their subcontractor and install their cleanroom components and cleanroom systems. Company has experience in diverse industries including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry where cleanroom workspace environment is required.

Adaptive thermal engine - internal combustion engine with VCR (variable compression ratio) and VD (variable displacement)
Technology OFFER from Romania
A Romanian inventor offers a new technical solution to adapt the internal combustion engine power to the vehicle load and road conditions in order to decrease fuel consumption and reduce pollution. The solution can be used both for new cars as well as existing ones. The inventor is looking for one of the following business agreements: license agreement, manufacturing agreement, technical cooperation, commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial resources or joint venture agreement.

Image processor for key points detection at the focal plane
Technology OFFER from Spain
An Andalusian research group developed a hardware device for detecting local extreme of an image. Processing is done at the focal plane by using mixed-signal circuitry.By comparison of the neighboring pixel voltages,the device determines the existence of local maxima and minima prior to downloading the image from the sensor.The resulting time and energy savings enable develop autonomous vision devices with low power consumption.They seek industrial partner for licensing or technical cooperation

Offering a New Process for Wastewater Treatment in Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Resin Production Facilities
Technology OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish R&D company, active in environmental and clean technologies, has developed a new process for waste water treatment in melamine urea formaldehyde resin production facilities. The offered technology supplies improved treatment via simplified process. The Turkish company seeks potential partners for signing license and / or technical cooperation agreements.

Software solution for design and functional verification of embedded software for electronic controllers
Technology OFFER from Italy
A SME from the North East of Italy which has been developing and producing industrial electronics since 1989, has developed two tools for the design and verification of embedded applications in collaboration with outstanding research centres. Main advantages are in reduced development time, increased software reliability, standardization of embedded software development. Companies from embedded software development sector are sought for commercial, license or technical cooperation agreements.

Unique process for obtaining water and fibre (raw material) recovery process from refining waste waters
Technology OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish company well versed and deeply experienced in developing environmental friendly and clean technologies has developed a unique process for obtaining water and fibre recovery from refining waste waters. Technology has been developed via national funded R&D project. They seek signing licencing and / or technical cooperation agreements with potential partners.

Electric brake system for pulled trailers and caravans
Technology OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch company developed an electric brake system for pulled trailers. The system provides a much better and safer braking of car-trailer/caravan combinations than mechanical inertia induced braking systems. The Dutch partner seeks contact with manufacturers of pulled trailers, caravans and producers of axles. Cooperation can be arranged in the frame of a licence agreement or a commercial agreement supported by technology transfer through technical assistance.

Technologies for Pipe Relining & Repair
Technology OFFER from United Kingdom
A Scottish (UK) Company who are global providers of innovative textiles and technology have developed innovative solutions to the problems of pipe relining and repair. The company is seeking potential end users of this technology for commercial agreements with technical assistance. They are especially keen to work with interested partners to explore the possible adoption or adaptation of these Pipe Relining solutions to meet customer need.

Novel Group Workout Monitoring System
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Southern Spanish Technology Based Enterprise has developed an innovative group workout monitoring system that is focused on heart rate. The technology is 100% visual and provides heart rate information in real-time (beats per minute, aerobic range or calories). The system is able to full monitor the fitness class in real time. A color system based on the heart rate and aerobic ranges is used. Licensing, Technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

Multibiometrics sensor for identification
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Spanish SME has developed a high-tech multibiometrics sensor specially designed for both Access Control and Time Control personnel in organizations. The developed technology is integrated by several people identification systems on a single device (biometrics and physical) and encrypts communications. It achieves a IP65 level of protection (outdoor with adverse environmental conditions). Interested in technical cooperation, licensing and/or commercial with technical assistance agreements.

Novel static Technology for Iris recognition
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Spanish SME has developed a novel Iris recognition static system based on advanced algorithms to identify users, even in a long distance (0.5m up to 3 meters). Identification speed response can make comparisons from 1 to infinity items in just tenths of a second according to a thousands of users database (local or remote). They are interested in licensing, technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Bitumen removal from electrical equipment
Technology REQUEST from United Kingdom
A Welsh company specialising in Heavy Electrical Plant Recycling & Recovery is seeking an environmental solution for removing bitumen from electrical equipment that will ensure the components are sufficiently clean to enable re-use or for recycling. The solution must cope with large quantities of bitumen removal, be efficient and cost effective and the technology must be developed.

UK based subsidiary of Californian company manufacturing sewage grinders, screens and processing systems is looking for a distributor in Turkey
Business OFFER from United Kingdom
UK-based subsidiary of Californian company responsible for manufacturing and selling grinders, screens and processing systems in over 30 countries in looking for a distributor in Turkey for its advanced sewage treatment equipment. This equipment efficiently grinds all types of rags, trash and debris into tiny particles so it flows easily through sewage pumps and systems. All equipment is supplied from the UK and CE marked.

Leading Turkish recycling company focused on electronic waste seeking financial partners for growth in national and international level
Business REQUEST from Turkey
The Turkish company active in recycling and recovery of electonic waste seeks financial partners for growing further on national and international levels. The Turkish company is one of the leading electronic waste recycling companies, and posses a wide network, very strong technical skills and significant market share. They seek potential partners / investors for signing Joint Venture Agreements and / or establishing financial partnerships.

Automatic metal weight sorting machine sought
Technology REQUEST from United Kingdom
A UK company specialised in precision perforated products is looking for an automatic metal weight sorting solution to optimise the production process of beaters (weight range is from approx. 200g - 400g each). All beaters are rectangular steel bars with sharp corners and one or two holes in. The company is looking for companies manufacturing weight sorting machines applicable to the process for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Request for rapid and robust microbial testing of life/death of bacteria and process control
Technology REQUEST from Netherlands
A Dutch SME is highly specialized in industrial cleaning and laundry. They have developed a superior quality control platform technology and procedure allowing the healthcare laundry industry to monitor their washing procedure on a variety of key-indicators. In order to improve the process, the company is looking for novel, rapid and robust microbial hygiene diagnostic tools. The company is looking for academic and industrial partners for joint further development.

European distributors sought for a large range of industrial vacuum cleaners
Business OFFER from United Kingdom
Based on customer requirements, a UK company has developed and manufactures a range of powerful industrial vacuum cleaners which are suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications including the cleaning of grain stores, warehouse floors, wood and joinery shops, flood water and sludge, waste oil, animal feed stores, CNC milling machines, through to the cleaning of nuclear waste materials. Partners are sought for exclusive distribution agreements for defined countries or territories

Novel methods to produce biodiesel, biolubricants and organic additives
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company has patented two continuous processes to produce biodiesel from vegetable oils. The first uses Methyl acetate which avoids the production of glycerine as a co-product, obtained in place of glycerol triacetate. The second uses methanol generates biodiesel in only a single phase, reducing the reaction rate and eliminating side reactions (formation of soaps). It is looking for companies for license and technical cooperation agreements.

New electric generator for car batteries recharging
Technology OFFER from Italy
An Italian inventor has developed an innovative system for electric cars to increase the autonomy of the electric battery thanks to a generator that helps recharge the batteries without subtracting power to the car and without the aid of other internal combustion engines. Skilled companies or investors for the construction of a prototype are sought

Innovative photosensitizer for photovoltaic cells with enhanced absorption property
Technology OFFER from France
A French university, working on photovoltaic, has developed and patented a new alternative photosensitizer for both organic & hybrid cells enabling intense and enhanced absorption of the light. The photosensitizer for DSSC (Dye-sensitized solar cell) is based on a class of aromatic molecules with high stability, acting on the NIR (Near infra-red). Actors of the photovoltaic industry are sought for license agreement or R&D collaboration (possibly co-funded).

Solar-powered electrical driven weeder for organic agriculture
Business OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch company developed a solar-powered electrical driven weeder, to remove weed by hand This way of removing weed is often used in the organic agriculture where the use of other means to remove or prevent weed is not allowed. Until now this kind of weeders is driven by fuel engines like small tractors. The company sold several solar- powered weed machines in the Netherlands and is now looking for distribution opportunities to other countries

Offering Noble Hybrid Process for the Recovery of Water and Alcohol from Waste Water Containing Phthalic Acid Ester for Zero Discharge
Technology OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish company has developed a novel method for recovering alcohol and water, supplying reuse of resin from waste waters that contain Phthalic Esther Acid. The developed clean technology targets zero discharge. The Turkish company seeks partners for signing license and / or technology cooperation agreements with potential partners.

Anaerobic digestion system for production of renewable energy from food waste
Business OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK company develops anaerobic digestion for production of renewable energy from food processing industry and livestock waste. The company is looking for agents or JV partners to open up news development opportunities with local governments through using municipal and industrial/commercial food waste as feedstock. Project development financial support is offered, however enquiries from future investors will be considered.

Manufacturing partner using injection moulding technology sought
Business REQUEST from United Kingdom
A UK SME designed and prototyped 4 unique and innovative (patent pending) temporary fencing feet solutions entirely made from thermoplastic mix that is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. Multidirectional holes facilitate fencing in angle positions and guarantee secure and easy stacking. The company is looking for partners using injection moulding techniques for manufacturing agreements.

Turkish company offering a unique technology for recovering acid, water and chemicals at galvanizing plants, targeting zero discharge
Technology OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish R&D focused company, performing activities in environmental friendly and clean technologies, has developed a unique process offering water, acid and chemicals’ recovery in galvanization plants. The process supplies continuous production, high quality galvanization and zero discharge. The Turkish company seeks potential partners for signing license and / or technical cooperation agreements.

Modular plant for industrial waste water treatment
Technology OFFER from Germany
A German SME from the plastics processing industry has developed a modular plant for the treatment of waste water from the metal and related processing industries like contaminated acids from galvanic processes, drilling emulsions and steel pickling solutions. The company is looking for partners from the metal processing and related industries in order to adapt the plant to their individual requirements within the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

New system able to accumulate large amount of energy produced by solar panels using the ground as a thermal flywheel.
Technology OFFER from Italy
Italian company operating in renewable energies sector has developed a new system able to accumulate large amount of energy produced by solar panels using the ground as a thermal flywheel. The company is looking for technical cooperation aimed at a joint further development of the system. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are considered as well, together with possible selling of 50% of its renewable energies Division.

Partner sought for development of innovative drive and control system for hovercrafts
Technology REQUEST from Germany
An innovative German start-up manufactures air cushion crafts for multifaceted applications. It will be the first company in Germany going into serial production! The company is looking for a partner interested in jointly developing an innovative system that is capable of driving and steering those hovercrafts.

Light Electric Vehicles for convenient and environmentally friendly local transportation
Technology REQUEST from Greece
Greek company active in the field of light transportation vehicles is interested to cooperate with a company, in order to develop new environmentally friendly technology regarding electronic bikes (e-bikes) and/or electronic scooters (e-scooters). The company is particularly interested in concluding a Joint venture agreement with another company with relevant know-how.

Looking for experts in technologies related to the footcare sector (diabetes, obesity and ageing)
Technology REQUEST from Spain
A Spanish research centre working in the footwear sector searches experts and professionals to cooperate, network and establish a roadmap within the foot care domain, specially that for obese people, diabetics and elderly, in order to identify their needs and problems and analyse how the foot care industry can solve them. A technical cooperation agreement will be set up with the selected partners to exchange practices, knowledge and new technologies in the sector.

Methods and equipment for intensification of processes of sugar extraction from beet slices.
Technology OFFER from Ukraine
A Ukrainian scientific research institute has developed a technology for intensification of processes of extraction of sugar from beet slices by the method of discontinuous impulse energy injection (DIEI). On the base of this technology, new equipment for obtaining feedwater and acceleration of processes of extraction of sugar from beet slices was tested. The DIEI method enables to increase the output of sugar by 1.5 – 2 %. The authors are looking for partners for launching the technology.

Printable carton fold-up bowl for food
Business OFFER from Norway
A small Norwegian packaging company has invented a custom printed fold-up bowl made from carton. It is a simple, yet elegant plate that is used when serving a portion/mouthful of food to customers as a part of a marketing campaign or new product launch at expos or stores. The company is looking for commercial agency agreement as well as distribution services agreement.

High rate optical communication for indoor or underwater applications.
Technology OFFER from France
A French SME has developed an optical high rate communication system using standard optoelectronic components and interfaces. the sytem allows underwater applications and immunity to radio interference. The SME proposes this technology for implementation in devices in underwater robotics or household appliances fields to transmit high rate data like audio,video or data acquisition. Licensing, technical and commercial agreements with technical support are sought.

Dynamic and on-demand pick-up and delivery transportation services
Technology OFFER from Italy
An Italian company has developed a web based transportation on demand system to optimize pickup and delivery transportation services. The system collects requests from citizens need to be picked up at home, office or other points to reach a specific destination and vice versa. It allows to find the best route to manage all the requests using as less vehicles as possible. The company is looking for partners for further joint development, licence or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Production, repairs and maintenance of TRAMS, BUSES and ELECTRIC MOTORS.
Business OFFER from Czech Republic
Czech company focused on production, repairs and modernisation of trams, trolley buses, electro buses, electric motors is looking for business partners, distributors. Company has also experience with producing and modernizing of commuter rails for clients in Austria, USA, Sweden. Main activities are in the field of transportation but the production capacity can be used also for welding, painting, joinery and machinery manufacturing.

A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing, designing and exporting of plastic and metal parts for Automotive, White Appliances and Construction Sectors wants to be a subcontractor
Business OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing metal and plastic parts in Automotive, White Appliances and Construction sectors wants to be a subcontractor of the companies active in machine production for the related sectors to produce their metal and plastic parts in European countries, Switzerland, Russian Federation, and Croatia

A small company from Turkey active in logistic management and consulting offers outsourcing service and subcontracting to foreign partners..
Business OFFER from Turkey
A SME from Turkey focusing on consulting services especially in logistic sector, provides consultancy on eco-efficiency practices, transport and logistic management,policy determination etc.The company is offering outsourcing service and subcontracting to foreign partners.

Trade of elevators and platforms for disabled people
Business REQUEST from Czech Republic
Czech distributor (and manufacturer) wants to sell your products (elevators, elevator doors, elevator push buttons and other elevator parts; and also platforms for people with disabilities) on the markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Elevators and platforms for disabled people
Business OFFER from Czech Republic
Czech manufacturer of elevators, elevator parts and platforms for people with disabilities is looking for trade partners/distributors.

Norwegian company looking for Swedish distributors of single use alcohol testing instruments
Business OFFER from Norway
A Norwegian company dealing with single use alcohol testing instruments are looking for distributors within retail in Sweden. The products, measuring alcohol from a breath sample, is already established in European markets (France, Italy, Denmark) and has recently been introduced to the Norwegian market. The instrument is easy to use and gives a quick and precise result. It is daily used by police forces for road safety in several countries.

Custom operations (import/export/transit) and special services
Business OFFER from France
A French SME, specialized in custom operations such as export, import and transit activities in France, Europe and worldwide is looking for foreign custom partners inside and outside Europe. The SME guarantees logistic and subcontracting services. It looks for foreign intermediaries partners for outsourcing opportunities linked to its business.

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