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International co operation profiles on PROTECTING MAN & ENVIRONMENT from Enterprise Europe Network from April 25th, 2018

Source: Enterprise Europe Network

Find some of the latest profiles on Enterprise Europe Network for partner search, new business at your doorstep published April 25th, 2018.

Within the Enterprise Europe network other specialized fields are available for partner search such as automotive, industry and biochemtech. Make your own query for partner searches based on your interest at this database and find new business at your doorstep. Enterprise Europe Network, with its 600 partner organizations in over 60 countries, helps companies find business opportunities across the European Union and beyond.

Some advantages are:
  • Easy access to new technologies
  • Less risk in developing new products or technologies
  • Improve speed of development, time to market
  • Shared co development on your expertise combined with other expertise's external
  • Finding relevant new contacts using the network and get introduced to it
  • Get a warm introduction on the right level using personal contacts from the Enterprise Europe Network consultants
For a full description of the proposals below, please click on the title. You will be directed to our website. Here you indicate your interest at the bottom of the full description.

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Business : French upcycling company looking for distributors such as sustainable furniture outlets
Business OFFER from France
A French company which collects & recycles all kinds of waste from industrial companies located in South-West France is looking for distributors such as sustainable furniture recycling outlets. Core recycled materials are textile, leathers and plastics. Targeted partnering countries are Spain & Portugal.

Technology : Partners sought for a sound absorbing material with nanofibrous resonant membrane
Technology OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech university has developed a sound absorbing panel with nanofibrous membrane for applications in room acoustic, transportation and noise control. The sound absorbing material solves noise problem of wide frequency spectrum and is lighter and thinner than others. Scientists are looking for partners interested in further research and development based on a technical cooperation agreement and for companies interested in production under a license agreement.

Technology : Technology for inhibiting biofilm formation on the surface of drinking water pipe networks using nanoparticle composite
Technology OFFER from Korea, Republic of
A Korean SME has developed anti-microbial nano-composite that can be utilized to keep drinking water distribution network clean. The technology can be applied to plastic and steel water pipes to reduce possibility of biofilm formation, and thus increase the biological stability of tap water. It is cost saving and can be applied to many kinds of fluid-transporting pipes. The company is expecting to cooperate with a partner who is interested in a commercial, financial or joint venture agreement.

Business : Italian company specialized in architectural restoration, engineering-project design and construction integrated contracts, is looking for joint ventures, services agreement and commercial agency agreement.
Business OFFER from Italy
Italian company specialized in architectural restoration and conservation of artistic artifacts of various types (wood, canvas, porcelain, fabric, etc.), design of civil and industrial buildings, technical consultancy, renovation and maintenance of buildings, is looking for partners under a joint venture agreement, a services agreement or a commercial agency agreement. The company is willing to offer its services to potential partners, especially in Europe and Middle East.

Technology : Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) H2020 project is looking for Earth Observation (EO) technologies applicable to the Marine sector
Technology REQUEST from Greece
A PCP project of the H2020 is related to the marine earth observation. The project is now looking for offers from companies or researchers for introducing applications using earth observation data and services, applicable to marine. The interested parties should participate in a tender procedure. Then, the initial type of collaboration for the succeed solutions is the technical one. In the end, the commercially viable solutions will be contracted under commercial agreement.

Research & Development : H2020 CE-SFS-24-2019 - Innovative and attractive French urban agglomeration is searching partners notably interested in the field of sustainable alimentary supply for setting up novel urban food-chains
Research & Development REQUEST from France
An innovative and attractive French urban agglomeration has been setting up a consortium to be completed by a coordinator and other partners to answer H2020 CE-SFS-24-2019 call. The institution is searching municipalities or equal structures being experienced and applying novel practices in the domain of sustainable food-chains and food-systems. The scope of the project is to set-up an universally implementable model of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable food-system for cities.

Business : An Israeli manufacturing company specializing in the field of odours, especially harsh smells in industrial and institutional markets is looking for distribution services agreement
Business OFFER from Israel
An Israeli manufacturer in the field of fragrances and treatment of harsh odours is offering innovative materials in harsh odour treatment for industrial and institutional market. Advantages over those on the market include full removal of widely spread harsh odours, in very short time, followed by spreading good smell. The targeted partners are distributors experienced in the field of fragrances / harsh smells. The company is looking for distribution services agreement

Technology : Sensor-based and machine vision waste sorting equipment
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company based in Barcelona has designed a new sensor-based and machine-vision sorting equipment for recycling and waste treatment. It integrates industry 4.0 applications with self-monitoring and connectivity, allowing real-time access to sorted materials data. Versatility, speed and precision are provided when identifying and separating very different materials. They are looking for partner for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement.

Technology : Novel platform for Secondary Raw Materials management and matching
Technology OFFER from Italy
An Italian company offering a unique platform at European level, integrating all information tools and databases of the waste management sector operators, with the aim to facilitate the creation of business partnerships among them, is interested in finding complementary partners in the area of circular economy, from public organisations to assocations or companies and research centres, for commercial agreements with technical assistance, or technical cooperation agreements.

Technology : Recovery of as-new carbon fibers from waste composite materials
Technology OFFER from Luxembourg
A private R&D company from Luxembourg is offering a new process for the recovery of carbon fibers from waste CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) and hybrid GF-CFRP (glass fiber-carbon fiber reinforced plastic). Clean and intact carbon fibers can be recovered by chemically-reactive elimination of the polymer matrix (primarily epoxy resins). The properties of the recovered fibers are largely identical to those of the original fibers. The company is looking for technical cooperation agreements.

Technology : Used Industrial Oils Reconditioning Technology Saving Money and the Environment
Technology OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech SME active in ecology and recycling of waste has developed cost efficient technology for reconditioning of used industrial oils. The technology is 4 - 5 times cheaper compared with currently known methods, it’s TÜV certified and complies with relevant EU standards. The regeneration unit is available both in stationary and mobile versions. The company is looking for operators of machinery or recycling companies for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Business : Croatian producer of ecological household cleaning products and detergents is looking for distributors
Business OFFER from Croatia
Croatian company specialised in production of ecological cleaning products and detergents based on natural ingredients is looking for distributors of its products. All products are biodegradable, non-cancerous and non-toxic for water and other natural resources.

Technology : Bulgarian company offers new generation incinerator for medical and hazardous waste and is looking for partners
Technology OFFER from Bulgaria
Bulgarian company specialized in production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies offers new generation electrolysis based gas incinerator for waste. The company is looking for long-term partnership agreements with partners who can help the company grow and expand. For this reason the company is interested in concluding financial or joint venture agreement as well as agreement for technical cooperation.

Technology : Looking for new cost-effective and scalable sorting processes which are able to sort a mix of plastics into separate types of plastic
Technology REQUEST from Netherlands
A Dutch subsidiary of a multinational company is active in water and waste management. Their current waste separation process is not profitable to do additional sorting on the residual fraction of mixed plastics. To further improve their recycling achievements, the company is looking for new solutions for plastics-separation. Cooperation is envisaged within the frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a license agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

Technology : Electric generator working with low pressure gaseous media
Technology OFFER from Italy
An Italian SME has developed an electric generator, reliable and easy to install, able to produce electricity by converting the kinetic energy present in any compressed gaseous carrier (compressed air, steam, etc ...) already at low pressure. It is able to recover energy from any gaseous vector at temperatures and pressures typical of “energetically exhausted" states, discarded by normal industrial processes. Research, commercial and licence agreement are sought with large and SME .

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