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Strassbourg 19-22 June 2017: International B2B meetings INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS

Source: Enterprise Europe Networ

The ITS Congress and Exhibition is Europe’s largest event in Intelligent Transport Systems and services, representing the annual appointment for the European ITS community to share knowledge, experiences and make business.

The 12th ITS European Congress will take place from 19 to 22 June 2017 at the Strasbourg Convention Centre. Under the theme "ITS Beyond Borders”, the Congress will focus on the people, intelligent mobility users, as every day hundreds of thousands of them are crossing the French-German border to live their daily lives.

Strasbourg can be considered one of the few European cities providing an environment where cross-border issues and challenges such as technology compatibility and interoperability or legislation evolution and application, can be experienced. The intersection of multiple transport and communication networks makes the city a wonderful living lab for mobility.
Strasbourg is also a pioneer in sustainable mobility. By improving walkability, building an extensive network of cycle tracks, introducing car sharing schemes and a new road code, the city gives a clear sign of its strategy for sharing the public space and delivering an excellent quality of life for its inhabitants.

Entreprise Europe Network from CCI Alsace Eurométropole and ERTICO – ITS Europe are organizing B2B meetings on Tuesday 20, during which participants will have the opportunity to meet technological or business partners for their projects.
The event is organised with the support of Entreprise Europe Network Sector Group Automotive, Transport and Logistics.

This Networking event will target a wide spectrum of organisations (companies, local authorities, urban planning agencies, research centers, etc.) interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration within the following topics:
  • Mobility services – from transport to mobility
  • Next generation goods delivery
  • Transport networks evolution
  • Connected and automated transport
  • Satellite technology applied to mobility
  • ITS and the environment
Why to participate?
You will meet professionnals who:
  • seek the expertise you offer
  • provide the services you are looking for
  • have products to complement your existing range
  • provide facilities that you can use
  • can help you gain access to new solutions, new contracts or markets
More information on the congress: HERE
More information on the B2B Matchmaking:  HERE
See who is participating: HERE

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