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International co operation profiles on energy technologies from Enterprise Europe Network from May 2017

Source: Enterprise Europe Network

Find some of the latest profiles on Enterprise Europe Network for partner search, new business at your doorstep published July 27nd 2016.

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Technology : Purification, storage and transport valorisation of biogas from waste water treatment plants with anaerobic phase
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Basque small company has developed a technology to purify biogas so it can be stored and boosted seamlessly for consumption in pump stations to captive fleets. A supporting simulation system has also been developed to help the right dimensioning of the total facility. The company is looking for partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or directly a customised technical cooperation agreement.

Technology : Tailor-made ceramic formulations for coatings with advanced properties for the energy sector
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Basque SME that designs and produces tailor made ceramic & cermet formulations offers antifouling and corrosion resistant coatings for seawater heat exchanges, high temperature environments like power generation boilers and for off-shore marine machines. This SME has developed a technology that obtains much better results than conventional coatings sintered at low temperatures. They're looking for partners (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for technical cooperation or manufacturing agreement.

Technology : Automatic guidance device for solar energy collectors
Technology OFFER from Romania
A Romanian research team has invented a mechanism addressed to solar photovoltaic panels or hot water panels, with the purpose of their guidance towards sun during daylight. The mechanism is in the concept stage, but it has many advantages, such as capturing solar energy to a value close to maximum during the day. The Romanian researchers are looking for partners in the field of research and production in order to develop the product and for technological transfer.

Technology : In-silico design and optimization of microalgae based biorefineries through mathematical models
Technology OFFER from Italy
An Italian research centre has developed mathematical models for process engineering, and software tools applicable to microalgae growth experiments or harvesting, dewatering, cell disruption, metabolite extraction and purification, that should be validated by comparison with experimental data produced in a laboratory, as well as in industrial or pilot plants scale. The group is looking for research centres interested in technological cooperations for further development.

Technology : Organic rankine cycle system with two expanders in parallel arrangement
Technology OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech university developed an electricity generating system. The system employs organic fluid with phase change temperature lower than steam which allows recovering heat from low temperature industrial sources. The university is looking for commercial partners specialised in production of heat engines and offers the license agreement.

Technology : Steam cycle for utilization of waste heat for electricity generation
Technology OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech university developed an electricity generating system, designed for utilization of waste heat produced in various industrial processes. The system is designed to utilize waste heat of a relatively low quality. The university is looking for industrial partners specialised in business related to manufacturing of steam turbine systems and offers license agreements.

Research & Development : Urgent H2020 EE06 : French SME looks for energy suppliers or distribution system operators(DSO)
Research & Development REQUEST from France
A French SME, specialized in behavior change solutions, is looking for energy suppliers or distribution system operators, to present a H2020 project, aiming at developing an efficient consumers’ coaching service for energy savings. The French SME will coordinate the consortium.

Research & Development : COSME proposal : A French cluster seeks partners for a European strategic cluster partnership on the sustainable use of the subsurface.
Research & Development REQUEST from France
A high-performance French cluster operates in the sectors of geosciences and subsurface engineering for energy. In response to the COSME call COS-CLUSINT-2016-03-01 Cluster Go International, the cluster is looking for partners to join a consortium in order to develop an innovative project. Its objective is to establish a European strategic cluster partnership on the sustainable use of the subsurface. Partners sought are clusters with expertise in geothermal energy, renewables and environment.

Technology : New high temperature air stable solar selective coating for concentrated solar power (CSP) collectors
Technology OFFER from Spain
A Spanish Research Institution has developed a new solar selective coating, essential component of concentrated solar power collectors. This material has a radiation selective absorbing layer and remarkable optical properties. It is stable in air up to 700 ºC, obtaining a much higher efficiency than current used coatings for air operation (reported use until 550ºC). Industrial partners from the solar energy industry are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.

Technology : A Polish company is offering ultra-thin photovoltaic glass modules to be used in construction engineering. Manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement is considered.
Technology OFFER from Poland
A Polish leader in research and design of photovoltaic systems has developed ultra-thin photovoltaic glass modules that offer great possibilities of application in construction engineering and may be installed on structures with limited load bearing capacity of roofs and walls. The company would like to introduce these systems to the construction industry, acting as a manufacturer and technical support provider. Manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement is considered.

Technology : Digestion technology for biogas plants
Technology OFFER from Germany
A German company, active in the machine tools sector, developed a modular designed container for the retrofitting of a biogas plant. The advantage of the technology is the increasing in biogas productivity and the possibility to insert diverse materials into the biogas plant via bio-extrusion. The company seeks industrial partners for further development under a technical cooperation agreement and/or for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Business : Hungarian energy agency is offering its project management capabilities in the framework of services agreements and they also offer PR and marketing services in the framework of subcontracting agreement
Business OFFER from Hungary
Hungarian energy agency is looking for partners for its long-term strategy, aiming at the increased use of renewable energy sources. Strategies, projects, calls and any other kind of cooperation could be in the framework of services agreements. They also offer their PR and marketing services as subcontractors.

Business : Czech producer of mobile solar power plants offers joint venture
Business OFFER from Czech Republic
Czech producer of mobile power solar plants offers joint venture to companies from outside the EU. The brand new technology generates electricity and all energy is stored in the unique batteries and used when it is necessary. The company is looking for joint venture partners to develop a new entity for production, innovation and distribution of the mobile power solar plants.

Technology : Reducing noise from wind turbine rotor blades
Technology REQUEST from Sweden
A Swedish SME that has developed a new design for large scale wind turbine rotor blades is looking for partners with knowledge in noise reduction. Any knowledge could be considered that would affect or reduce the noise generated by the rotor blades, including e.g. acoustics and aerodynamic design. The company is interested in technical cooperation.

Technology : German SME offers advanced solutions for grid integration of renewable energy systems
Technology OFFER from Germany
A German SME with more than 90 years of experience in the area of electrical power engineering offers wide range of customized consulting and engineering services for grid integration of renewable energy systems to grid operators, plant manufacturers and project developers. Depending on demand, technical cooperation agreements or services agreements can be negotiated.

Technology : Extremely powerful electric go-karts.
Technology OFFER from Latvia
An SME from Latvia with extensive experience in electric vehicle production has developed a new type of extremely powerful electric go-kart. With low noise level and very low operating costs and electricity consumption, the go-karts are environmentally friendly and dynamic vehicles for both sport and entertainment. The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance to transfer know-how of production of electric go-karts.

Technology : Mobile hydrogen refuelling station for renewable energy systems
Technology OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK based SME with expertise in renewable energy and hydrogen production has developed a mobile hydrogen refuelling station. The station is fitted into a standard shipping container and is designed to produce hydrogen for vehicles and heating buildings. The company is looking for partnerships with renewable energy installers and specifiers for technical cooperation and integration into renewable solutions.

Technology : High power chargers for hybrid and/or electric transport
Technology OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch SME is specialized in the development and production of high power charging systems for electric transport. The SME offers R&D expertise, co-engineering and production capacity for amongst others charging systems in a power range from 25kW up to 600kW. Main advantages are enhanced performance regarding energy efficiency, high uptime, long lifetime, battery lifetime and customization. The Dutch SME is interested in technical cooperation with electrification of transport companies.

Business : Spanish manufacturer of LED lighting seeking distributors and importers
Business OFFER from Spain
Spanish company specialized in manufacturing of LED lighting products (professional and household use) is looking for distributors and/or importers in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, South Africa and Europe under a commercial or distribution agreement. The products are compliant with the EU standards, energy efficiency and environment-friendly. The manufacturer is well established in Spain and wants to promote and commercialize its products in new markets.

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