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International co operation profiles on PROTECTING MAN & ENVIRONMENT from Enterprise Europe Network from September 3rd, 2017

Source: Enterprise Europe Network

Find some of the latest profiles on Enterprise Europe Network for partner search, new business at your doorstep published September 3rd, 2017.

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Technology : Opportunities for technical scale experiments generating waste to value innovations at a landfill research center
Technology OFFER from Germany
A German university operates an education and research center on a municipal landfill site. New technologies for using waste as a source for energy and raw materials are developed and optimized. It is a unique site where R & D can be carried out in technical scale as well as in large scale. Potential partners from academia and industry are invited for joint application-oriented waste-to-energy research or technical co-operation in technical and large scale.

Technology : Dewatering of waste water sludge and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reduction technology in waste water
Technology OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch technology centre for sales and service of centrifuges is offering a centrifugal extractor and vertical centrifuges for dewatering waste water sludge and separate waste water flows. The technology can be applied in municipal-, and industrial waste water treatment facilities. The company offers a commercial agreement with technical assistance to experienced partners with a complementary product portfolio in various countries in Europe.

Business : Spanish technology-based company specialised in carbon footprint determination offers services agreements
Business OFFER from Spain
A young Spanish technology-based company has developed and improved the carbon footprint determination in a way that can be easy to measure and to understand. The company is looking for environmental consultancy companies interested in including the determination into their portfolio under a services agreement.

Technology : Used Industrial Oils Regeneration Technology Boosting Circular Economy
Technology OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech SME active in ecology and recycling of waste has developed cost efficient technology for regeneration of used industrial oils. The technology is 4 - 5 times cheaper at regenerating oil compared with currently known methods, is TUV certified and complies with relevant EU standards. The regeneration unit is available both in stationary and mobile versions. The company is looking for operators of machinery or recycling companies for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Technology : Snow and ice removing machine through melting
Technology OFFER from Romania
The equipment developed by a Romanian inventor is a snow remover using the process of melting. The melting snow and ice machine is an equipment used for melting snow where it falls naturally, blizzard or stored. It also melts glazed frost and ice. The equipment can be used for smooth or porous surfaces that need to be kept uncovered by ice or snow, like parking, flight runway, exits, stations, solar panels,sport fields, etc. The cooperation envisaged is technical cooperation agreement.

Technology : Technology of treating unsegregated municipal waste with full recovery of secondary raw materials
Technology OFFER from Poland
A Polish company active in waste treatment technologies has developed new technology of treating unsegregated municipal waste with full recovery of secondary raw materials. It doesn’t require separate collection at source. It ensures full materials recovery from waste, full waste diversion from landfills, odours elimination and 65% waste recycling level. The company is searching partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Business : French company in the fruit/vegetable preservation sector is looking for distributors
Business OFFER from France
A French SME specialized in controlled atmosphere (CA) installations is producing box-like devices allowing to create controlled atmosphere conditions in each box stored in a classic cold room. This naturally increases the preservation time of fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, mushrooms while providing more handling flexibility. To succeed in its international development, the company is now looking for distributors or franchisees in Europe.

Research & Development : EUROSTARS: Biotechnology SMEs for testing and commercialisation of a combined (optical and electrical) biodetection portable platform based on graphene
Research & Development REQUEST from Spain
A Spanish SME is preparing a project proposal to the Eurostars call. The project aims to develop a portable platform based on graphene for the combined biodetection (both optical and electrical) of virus, proteins, molecules, etc. This platform will provide faster and more accurate detection than other current devices and reduced operational costs. The consortium is looking for biotechnology SMEs for the testing and commercialisation activities within the project.

Technology : Wide area wireless sensor monitoring technology.
Technology OFFER from Spain
Spanish university research group specialised in performance engineering is offering its wide area wireless sensor monitoring technology and know-how for research and technical cooperation agreements. A future license of the technology is also envisaged. The main innovation is that the technology is based on a collided signal to extract the information from the collision without having to discard all other signals.

Technology : Solutions for the restoration and development of marine habitats and for the enhancement of marine biodiversity in degraded or artificialized marine environments
Technology OFFER from France
The French company provides services in the design, construction and supply of solutions for the restoration and enhancement of marine biodiversity. Applications concern ecological integration of maritime infrastructures, support of fisheries and leisure activities, ecological restoration of damaged marine areas, coastal adaptation to climate change. The company is looking for technological partners to develop new products through research cooperation, services or technical cooperation agreement

Technology : Licensee sought for a machine producing special 3D textiles
Technology OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech university has developed a machine that produces 3D nonwovens with various sizes of layers; from thin (0,5-2 mm) to thick (7-15 mm). Additional layers (nanowires, papers, plastics, metal foils, etc.) can be added simultaneously. End products include namely filters but can be adapted also for insulations or sorbents. The university is looking for partners interested in further development based on technical cooperation and for companies interested in production under a license agreement.

Technology : Alternative Bioleaching process of metals from secondary resources (industrial wastes)
Technology OFFER from Belgium
A Belgian Research Centre developed (stage of development: technology validated in lab TRL 4) a microbial assisted leaching process designed for metal recovery from secondary resources. The technology is based on a new process integrating bacterial cell encapsulation for a higher resistance to dissolved organics and heavy metals. The research center looks for companies and universities for licensing patents, to develop European projects and further applications in other sectors (other residues)

Business : French company developing hygienic and accessible interior equipment products is looking for distribution service agreements
Business OFFER from France
The French company is developing and producing hygienic and accessible solutions in the fields of : - Accessible and anti-germs door handles ; - window and door fittings ; - industrial supplies ; - machinery, as well as comfort items. The company is looking for distribution services agreements in Europe.

Business : Dutch company that produces and sells organic filter materials for biological odour treatment is looking for distributors
Business OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch developer of organic filters that can be used as a last step in the reduction and control of odour is looking for distributors. The filters make use of bacteria to breakdown harmful gases into harmless substances. The filters can be applied at slaughterhouses, rendering plants for animal waste, composting plants, agricultural facilities, waste water treatment plants and fish processing plant (fish meal). Cooperation is offered in the framework of a distribution services agreement.

Technology : Non-catalyst biodiesel mass manufacturing technology
Technology OFFER from Korea, Republic of
A Korean research institute has developed a mass manufacturing technology of bio-diesel without the use of catalyst. The laboratory is very active in industry-university cooperation and this technology is also the result of the cooperation. The team is open for various kinds of cooperation with potential partners: commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, manufacturing agreement, research cooperation agreement, and technical cooperation agreement.

Technology : A large German chemical company is looking for technologies in catalytic oxidation of methane to carbon dioxide at low temperature
Technology REQUEST from Germany
A large German chemical company is established worldwide in the production of specialty chemicals. The client is seeking new robust catalytic technologies for the oxidation of low concentrations of methane under varying conditions. The central challenge is to design highly active catalysts at lowest-reachable temperatures with good poison-resistance. Joint venture, license or research cooperation agreement are possible.

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